2008 Posts

Sunshine has returned here in Big Bear as the latest of this season’s many winter storms has just passed.  The clouds may also be parting in the Big Bear real estate market based on what I have been seeing.  Buyer interest and demand has increased in February. Last weekend was President’s Day, typically one of the busiest of the year for tourism in Big Bear. With all of this season’s snow fall, which will also make for a terrific summer on the lake, this year was no exception and even exceeded most expectations. Having an increased number of visitors enjoying our beautiful valley does not always translate into increased activity in Big Bear's real estate market. However, I cannot recall a weekend in many, many months that saw so many of our valley's real estate agents, myself included, out showing property to so many interested buyers. This hopefully is a signal of a new trend. ...continue reading

Despite a substantial market slowdown, it remains a great time to be looking to buy real estate in Big Bear.  Interest rates remain at historical lows; the inventory of homes has increased significantly over recent years; the number of motivated sellers is also on the rise; and the unique dynamics that make Big Bear an attractive investment real estate market are all still in place.  As 2007 is now behind us, let us review what has transpired in Big Bear's real estate market, take a look at where things currently stand, and consider the direction going forward.

Oh What A Year It Wasn't

As 2007 is now history, let us take a look at what transpired in Big Bear´s real estate market.  The figures below represent only residential sales and the data, unless otherwise specified, is taken from our local multiple listing service. ...continue reading